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RY03-DC Motor Torque(Taper)Controller
RY04-AC Toruqe Motor Controller(Board)
RY05-Corona Treatment System
RY06-Corona Processing Frame
RY07-Plasma / Corona Sheet Treater
RY08-Manual,Automatic Tension Controller(Board)
RY09-Correction Controller Series
RY10-DC Motor Speed Regulating Control Board
RY11-Counter,Length Measurer,Counter Wheel
RY12-DC Motor (Intelligent) Controller
RY14-Photoelectric & UltrasonicSensor
RY15-Electrostatic Eliminator,Discharger
RY16-Magnetic Powder Clutch,Brake
RY17-DC,Torque Motor
RY18-Soft Packing Machinery Accessories
 Product Name:
Imported High Quality and High Pressure Resistance Silicon Tube
(Special for Corona Discharge Frame) 
Great Features:
1.Adopts imported Silicon Rubber, high pressure resistance, fire resistance, uniformity corona sparks generated under the 
 high voltage.
2.It is used for electric spark to treat plastic film,plastic woven-bag etc., surface activation or easy color printing.
3.It is suitable to imported and domestic corona treatment as high-voltage electrode, flexible pipe
4.Appiled to the corona treatment equipments with BOPP COPP POPE and other wide film prodcuction line as high 
  voltage corona , high vlotage electrode roller.
5.Each 1mm pressure resistance 15000V. Silicon tube thickness , diameter. Length and other standard, according to  
  custom requirements.

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