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RY03-DC Motor Torque(Taper)Controller
RY04-AC Toruqe Motor Controller(Board)
RY05-Corona Treatment System
RY06-Corona Processing Frame
RY07-Plasma / Corona Sheet Treater
RY08-Manual,Automatic Tension Controller(Board)
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RY10-DC Motor Speed Regulating Control Board
RY11-Counter,Length Measurer,Counter Wheel
RY12-DC Motor (Intelligent) Controller
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RY16-Magnetic Powder Clutch,Brake
RY17-DC,Torque Motor
RY18-Soft Packing Machinery Accessories
 Product Name:FZK-Z Series Hole-type Magnetic Powder Brake

Item No.:RY15-01


       Magnetic powder brake is a automatical control part with good function and made up with drive unit and driven unit,it is regard magnetic 

as its medium and with magnetizing current as the control means to achieve the objective of control brake or transmission torque.They linear 

relationship of  output torque and magnetizing show a good performance ,it widely used in the auto tension control system of the coiling device 

concerned in wires ,cables,printing ,packing,textile,rubber,leather, metal and foil processing papermaking and paper products processing indu

stries and so on with its advantages of fast response ,simple structure.


2.Work Principle 

      Magnetic powder brake mainly made up with brake ,brake part and operation device.some brakes are also equipment with automatic brake 

clearance adjusting device so that reduce the brake torque and structure dimension.The brakes usually installed in the high speed axis ,and 

apply brake lock to control the stop and decelerate of mechanical moving parts and machinery parts.


3. Products Features

        ※Adopted the super alloy magnetic power with superior heat resistance,its featured in low temperature rise,constant output torque


        ※With heat resistance coil and high quality bearing,its featured in running smooth,while it's starting,running and braking ,it's no vibration,

            no impact,no noise.


        ※With overload protection,in the condition of torque overload,automatic sliding play a role in overload protection.


        With small size,light weight,easy to install,long service life 


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