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RY03-DC Motor Torque(Taper)Controller
RY04-AC Toruqe Motor Controller(Board)
RY05-Corona Treatment System
RY06-Corona Processing Frame
RY07-Plasma / Corona Sheet Treater
RY08-Manual,Automatic Tension Controller(Board)
RY09-Correction Controller Series
RY10-DC Motor Speed Regulating Control Board
RY11-Counter,Length Measurer,Counter Wheel
RY12-DC Motor (Intelligent) Controller
RY14-Photoelectric & UltrasonicSensor
RY15-Electrostatic Eliminator,Discharger
RY16-Magnetic Powder Clutch,Brake
RY17-DC,Torque Motor
RY18-Soft Packing Machinery Accessories
 Product Name:RTS-5500 Series DC Motor Controller

Item No.:RY11-06

    The controller has a unique way SCR trigger to make it more accurate and reliable. The control instrument is integrated with the international standards, absorb advanced technology and experience, has greatly improved in the past general DC motor controller speed than the low, low-speed torque is small, does not truly reflect the characteristics of DC motors and other shortcomings. And the controller to overcome the traditional shortcomings of both the technology and greater improvement on both devices, the motor speed, even in the open-loop cases, the results can be achieved closed-loop, obviously reflects the low-speed characteristics of DC motors. And with the voltage, current negative feedback, over-current protection and soft start soft and other sectors, work stable and reliable, and temperature compensation and stable performance. 
    The control instrument is widely used in plastic machinery, food machinery, cable equipment, machinery processing, paper making, printing, test equipment, laboratory equipment, mixing open-loop equipment.


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