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 Product Name:DCR-200/800W Series DC Speed Regulating Board

Item No.:RY10-03

I. Introduction
        DCR-200/800W series DC motor speed regulating board is featured in
compact ,easy installation ,high accuracy for speed regulating and low price performance ,it can be widely applied in such industries as wire and cable ,light industry, textile, papermaking ,chemical industry ,printing and dyeing, metallurgy, rubber and plastic ,drawing ,extrusion machinery ,medical equipment ,food  industry and printing packaging and so on .they are also completed with DC motors of permanent magnetic ,separate excitation shunt excitation and serried excitation.   
       It can supply power source for small DC motor to make it run in constant torque and step less speed regulating mode, the main circuit of this device is single –phase bridge type semi-controlling circuit with voltage negative feedback ,current cut –off negative feedback and soft starting etc., which improves an accuracy of speed regulating and retrains starting current. The controlling circuit is a unipolar transistor trigger circuit, and the circuit is simple and its working performance is reliable and steady, the performance of temperature comprehensive is steady,
       External connection control of DCR including : displacement controller ,Hall dual –speed controller ,NPN or PNP photoelectric switch ,step less control analog output for DC0-10V from a computer of frequency inerter .Photoelectric switch and displacement sensor can be used at the same time ,taking  the place of speed regulating board of SCR-08 DC motors.
2.Technical Parameters
DCR-200/400W series DC Series speed regulating board
Working time
continuous working system
Normal working voltage
AC 220V (±10%)
Output current
2A    2.5A   3.5A  4.5A   intermittent output)
Static accuracy
Power for adapted motor
Output Voltage of armature
 Output voltage of field excitation
Exterior dimension (L*W*H)
Wire connecting mode
Terminal type

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