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RY03-DC Motor Torque(Taper)Controller
RY04-AC Toruqe Motor Controller(Board)
RY05-Corona Treatment System
RY06-Corona Processing Frame
RY07-Plasma / Corona Sheet Treater
RY08-Manual,Automatic Tension Controller(Board)
RY09-Correction Controller Series
RY10-DC Motor Speed Regulating Control Board
RY11-Counter,Length Measurer,Counter Wheel
RY12-DC Motor (Intelligent) Controller
RY14-Photoelectric & UltrasonicSensor
RY15-Electrostatic Eliminator,Discharger
RY16-Magnetic Powder Clutch,Brake
RY17-DC,Torque Motor
RY18-Soft Packing Machinery Accessories
 Product Name:RY Series Y L J Torque Motor

Item No.:RY16-05

       RY series YLJ three-phase asynchronous motor torque is a soft mechanical properties and wide speed range of special motors. When the load increases, the motor speed to automatically follow the lower, and the torque output increase, with load balancing. Torque motor torque to high-blocked, blocking current to a small, capable of sustaining a certain period of time to block the operation. As the rotor electric high-yin, loss, arising from the heat, especially in low-speed running and blocking more serious turn when, in the back-end motor cover with an independent centrifugal or axial flow fan (less torque output 100 seat aircraft and with the exception of the following), forced ventilation for cooling, motor torque control device with silicon, can speed regulator, the speed range of up to 1:4, the speed of change in the rate of ≤ 10%.
      The electrical characteristics of this series to make it applicable to winding, open-book, and the stall speed, and other occasions, and other uses, is widely used in textiles, wire and cable, metal processing, paper, rubber, plastics, and printing machinery industry.

Main specifications:technical data,mounting and external dimension


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